How to Press and Apply DTF Transfers from DTF Advantage

Summarized DTF Transfer Pressing Instructions: 

  1. Set press to 300 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. Press garment to remove wrinkles 
  3. Adjust and align transfer on garment
  4. Press at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 seconds at medium pressure.
  5. Peel transfer as soon as it is cool enough to touch (a couple of seconds)
  6. Put parchment paper or a finishing sheet over garment (optional)
  7. Press again for 10 seconds
  8. Celebrate! You're done! :) 

Video Transcript:

Hello and welcome to DTF Advantage! Today we'll be going over the best pressing instructions for our DTF transfers. Our instructions are customized for our transfers specifically, so please note that these instructions might not work with transfers from other companies.

The first step is to press your blank garment for one to two seconds to remove any wrinkles before pressing. It's important that the garment is completely flat so that your design does not transfer incorrectly.

Next, adjust the transfer so that it is straight and in the location you want it to be. Take your time with this step because you can't make changes after it is pressed.

Now it's time to press! Make sure your press is set to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and press the transfer for 15 seconds.

Our transfers are hot peel, so you can peel off the transfer as soon as it is safe to touch. Usually that's just a few seconds.

Finally, you can give your transfer a second press for 10 seconds. Before pressing you can cover your garment and transfer with parchment paper or a finishing sheet.

And that's it! Since we only use the best materials for our transfers, you can enjoy your design after many washes and years to come!

If you have questions please feel free to reach out to us at or by using our chat on our website. We're happy to help!

Please note: DTF is very versatile and can be pressed on several different materials. However, we do not recommend transfers for Nylon materials.